Our mission is to contribute to sustainable development to have a better world. Our slogan ¨not just think, do ’by philosopher Horace permeates our activity in action: don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen; make your own future, make your own hope.

So we define the values and dreams of our client’s social responsibility and develop strategies to achieve their goals as support the achievement of SDG’s.

We provide expertise and personalised solutions, allowing donors and businesses to invest their resources wisely as support nonprofits build strong donor relationships.

Many businesses and financial boutiques find it extremely rewarding to establish and maintain a philanthropic path, working for causes that match their interests. However, this requires a lot of resources.  This is where In Emotion can help. Our services as advisors and administrators in creating and developing projects perfectly aligned with their profiles, allow them to focus on the central objective of supporting sustainability.

In an increasingly dehumanised world, it is necessary to reaffirm human values more than ever.

Ours are Curiosity – Kindness – Universalism – Loyalty – The respect 

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