We offer the following services individually or as a package:

  • Strategy creation: we identify clients needs and build an innovative plan according with their values and dreams. Support throughout the project cycle (intermediation, contractual, linguistic adaptation, cultural approach etc.)
  • Impact Investing: we do an investment approach research across asset classes and client’s investment profile that can reconcile returns in traditional financial markets and create impact.
  • Sustainability:  addressing CSR at corporations in accordance with its particular culture and circumstances for strengthening and competitiveness.
  • Philanthropy intermediation: helping corporations to invest their resources wisely and liaise them with nonprofits monitoring the whole process.
  • Fundraising strategy for non-profits
  • Accounting: including sub ledgers and annual financial statements of non profits
  • Revision: Following consultation with clients and trustees, In Emotion channels the financial statements directly into the non profit statutory audit. We work on any reports or declarations the regulatory and tax authorities required.
  • Marketing: we plan and execute a marketing impact strategy to both donors and nonprofits.
  • Investment integrity audit: The impact investment strategy or philanthropy project can be secured on the basis of a sophisticated impact report. Also accounts from donors can be considered and consolidated. We provide reports based on the intended impact our clients require.